Rainy Day play ideas: indoor picnic

Have an indoor picnic

Amusing children on rainy days can be a challenge. I like to keep some toys packed away and bring them out so they seem more special just like we do with the special crockery when guests come over! (Does anybody really do this anymore?)
Well strangely enough one of these packed away toys in my cupboard is a miniature porcelain tea set that I bring out for a teddy bear's picnic on rainy days.

Tea set - plastic set or crockery
Tablecloth or blanket or old sheet
Plastic food.
Optional - Picnic Basket - any basket will do
Optional - Teddy Bears or dolls
Optional - jug of water or milk
Optional - real food

The first thing is to decide are you having a pretend picnic or a real picnic with real food? If it is a real picnic will it be lunch or morning or afternoon tea?
Lay your tablecloth, blanket or old sheet on the floor.
Place tea set on floor in a pile or in the basket.
Allow children to play with and use the tea set.

Fine Motor Skills
Imagination/ Dramatic Play
Social Skills if playing with a parent or another child
Handedness: using our left and or our right hand.

Sing: Teddy Bear's Picnic - get the lyrics here
Read: Books about Teddy Bears
Teach: 3 years and older can learn how to do a proper place setting with plate and knives and fork.
Don't forget to have a family picnic outdoors on a sunny day soon.

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