Animal cards for the book I went walking

Here are some picture sheets that relate to the children's picture book by Sue Williams. Use them for sequencing, memory games, colouring sheets, cutting sheets, making a mini book...

Primary Graffiti
Twisty Noodle

Board Maker Online



Water Filter Experiment

Make Your Own Water Filter Experiment: a great science activity for young children.


Coloured sheep

I found this image and thought I would create some simple sheep shapes in different colours for the children to play with. I will keep the heads separate.
This would be good for:
  • talking about colours
  • colour recognition
  • the fine motor skill of gluing the black head onto different sheep
Coloured sheep game for children
Here's how Lisa's sheep turned out


Making a colour wheel for matching games

colour wheel matching game
Here is a simple Tutorial on how to make a colour wheel with ordinary materials such as a hole punch, black marker, cardboard and wooden pegs.

Use your colour wheel to play a game:
Clothespin Colour Wheels
This is a great activity for early literacy activity because the words written on the pegs match the colours and therefore children are learning about colours and that words mean something. Also, by pinching the clothespins, children are working on their fine motor skills.  This gets their finger muscles strong and ready to write.


Complete Life Cycle of the butterfly

The life cycle of a butterfy from egg to caterpillar to butterfly - a video produced for the Chicago Nature Museum.

The Monarch butterfly begins life as an egg. It hatches as larvae, eats the eggshell and then the milkweed plants. The larvae becomes a colourful caterpillar. It then protect it's self with a hard case in the pupa stage. It emerges as an orange, black and white butterfly.
monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly

monarch butterfly
Monarch butterfly

Because the unique life history of the monarch butterfly (danaus plexippus) includes remarkable migrations, it passes through and settles in some urban areas. The monarch butterfly has a wingspan that ranges from 8.9 – 10.2 cm (3½–4 in)

Steven D. Garber (1998). The Urban Naturalist

More information about butterflies:

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Salt water exploration

An experiment about the properties of fresh and salt water 
2 cups
ice cubes
food colouring



homemade stamps for children
Stamping is a great activity even for the very young artist as Life as a Mommy shows in this picture. We love the concentration and how the mess is contained by putting the child in their high chair for art time. See how to make the homemade stamps used in the photo.


Star fish craft and template

make a star fish with template
Learn how to make this simple but effective starfish at All Kids NETWORK where they will show you what materials you need, how to make it and even supply the template. Great for the ocean, underwater, aquatic and eco-systems themes.