Why every home should have a blackboard.

So writing on a blackboard is fun, yeah? And it allows creativity in a different, freer way 'cause we can just wipe it off when we are finished or if we don't like it or want to try again. But as far as development is concerned there is so much happening:
  • fine motor skills
  • learning correct finger grip
  • getting ready for writing
  • handedness - or learning which will be my preferred hand
  •  control of back and arm muscles develops in an upright, standing  position
  • colour recognition - that each chalk is different is the beginning of this discrimination
  • visual memory and imagination
Scribbling develops the mind so don't rush ahead and show them 'how' to draw.
They may not look like things to you but from about 2 years of age they are to the child.
    Of course the bigger the blackboard the better but if you only have space for a free standing one make sure it is sturdy and won't wobble or tip over. If you have space consider painting a wall with blackboard paint
Don't forget, when the children aren't using it, you can use the chalkboard for family messages, happy sayings or a shopping list.

You can get chalkboard paint here
There is a great array of easels to choose from


  1. Totally agree! Ours has a whiteboard on the other side and both sides are forever covered with little bits of art and messages from my children. It is messy, but I wouldn't be without it. (Visiting from Love New Blogs, by the way) :)

  2. Thanks Actually Mummy, i did not even know i had been accepted - thanks - very exciting. I see you are in there too.

  3. yes I too love blackboards. We had a huge old school blackboard and attached it to two posts on our verandah when the kids were little. They would spend hours drawing and I was a little sad when we finally took it down to make room for other things. Lots of yummy coloured chalk is great too!!

  4. Jo did they grow out of blackboards?