South American Worry Dolls: muñecas quitapenas

Fair Trade Worry Doll
These are mini dolls from Guatemala that can be made or purchased. They help us learn about other cultures. They can also be used when talking about feelings.
This card says: "Among the Mayan Highland Villages in Guatemala a legend is being told. It says that when you have a problem, just share it with a worry doll. Before you go to sleep share each worry with a doll and then place the dolls under your pillow. While you are asleep, the dolls will take all your worries away."
Depending on the age and skill of the crafter these dolls can be quite simple or quite sophisticated. Here are some links to creating some:
Thank you Leena for this photo  showing an assortment of Guatemalan worry dolls made from wire, paper and cotton fabric and thread, with hand-drawn faces.

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  1. I love worry dolls! We did a worry doll craft once - So much fun! Thanks for sharing.