Outdoor Painting

In Sydney, right now, it is great weather for painting outside. Remember painting does not have to be just on paper; you can paint wood, fences, walls, windows, cardboard boxes and if you have no paint don't despair as children love to paint with a bucket of water and a paint brush.

This is about individual creativity and experimentation:
Do not interfere in the artwork
Do not direct the outcome
Respect individuality
If you need to get them going just demonstrate the materials and not your artistic talent e.g. do a simple stroke or scribble rather than a sun or smiley face.


  1. I live in the Netherlands and did this with the kids at daycare this summer. They loved it!
    We also used spray bottles filled with colored water. The results were great!
    I totally agree with what you say. It's about the experience not the final result. So, adults give children a chance to enjoy the experience! :)

    1. belated thanks for your interesting comments

  2. I love this! Specialy the last sentence! It is so imopratant!

  3. It is so great to connect with like minded others and visit on the world wide web. Thanks for commenting.